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Twisted COLLAR 25mm

Twisted COLLAR 25mm

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Our third centerpiece. Here you can see our design "Twisted".

The Twisted collar is not processed like a classic braided leather collar. Therefore we can braid many different materials with our special technique.


However, so that the collar corresponds to the leather we have a small recommendation for the respective straps, so that we can finish them nicely.


Our recommendation is as follows:



max. 2 dew colors & 3 nappa colors & max. 2 additional braiding (small.


With our design your own you can create your own special collar. For this we take enough time after your order process to discuss all further details with you. Please note that this happens only when we start with the set. Here you will also receive regular videos/photos so that you can get a first impression of your color scheme. When all materials are woven in, you have the possibility to change small things (>> NOT THE MAIN LEATHER COLOR!). - This way your individual collar will be created according to your ideas.


The consultation & changes are included in the price.




>> "30mm" means that the collar is braided on a 30mm leather strap. i.e. that the buckle closure is at 30mm. The front will be up to 1cm wider because of the braided part (depending on the material).


other widths possible on request



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