Dirty? No Problem!

Please check before use and at regular intervals whether the screws are still tight.

Our book screws are usually glued with special glue and should not open!


Can your screws be opened? We will be glad to help you!


Rope product:

Rope products which do not contain leather are 

washable at 30° C in the washing machine. (Please only use a laundry net!)

Please do not use fabric softeners for our products and use the short program "20 minutes" if possible.

Afterwards you can let our goods dry in the fresh air.

Our products are not suitable for the dryer.

Leather products:


Leather is a natural product. 

Over time, the product becomes softer.

and more comfortable to wear.


Leather is not suitable for the washing machine or dryer. Dirty leather items can be cleaned with a soft brush and little water. If the leather (article: INDIANS/AZTEC) is dry, it can be rubbed with very little olive oil. Use a clean, dry cloth.


With our fatty leather products it usually already helps,

to knead or rub the article.

These products are generally "re-greasing" and do not require any additional oil. 


Harness "Hase&Paul"

they are washable at 30° C in the washing machine.



Our EM ceramic ornaments should be all 

14 days short in the cold water.

and then placed in the sun,

so they can fully recharge themselves.

Working days:


Mo.-Fr. 9-16°° 

Usually we have a production time of 30-60 working days.

*except EXPRESS orders

INSTAGRAM: #emmasateliershop

FACEBOOK: @emmasateliershop


we only ship on monday.

Tracking: Tracking should be active from Tuesday evening.

Pick up: by agreement only



LUX; D                                       6,99€

ZONE 2: 
B; NL; FR; A,                                                                                                           13,99€
ZONE  3:
UK; PRT; POL; SP; IT; SW;F, CH                                                                             16,99€
USA; CAN; AUS                                                                                                       16,99€

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