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How to measure correctly?

So that your wish collar fits!

How to measure the rope collar?

What I need:

1x a tape measure

Please do not measure measurements from an old collar.

Due to the different materials, it can come to serious wrong statements.

Please measure only on the dog.

Adapter lock:

Leather collars should be measured at the point where the collar should sit at the end. Please make sure that two fingers fit under the tape measure at this point - then the collar will fit perfectly.

We recommend to choose collars with leather lock about 2cm smaller, so that the collar remains adjustable in two directions. Depending on its influence, the fat leather can also stretch up to 1cm! 

Our adapters are usually adjustable up to a maximum of 6cm.


With a train stop collar it is enormously important that the stop is set correctly.

We also work exclusively with stop and reject requests without stop, as we do not manufacture choke collars.

A tension stop collar is determined by the head circumference and neck circumference.

The head circumference is measured at the widest point of the head. (Usually exactly behind the ears) and the neck circumference at this point, where the collar should sit at the end - with 2 fingers, which should fit under the tape measure. We then use these two data to determine the optimum size.

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